The Brewery


Birrificio Magis is born from the passion for the product and its processing.

Inside the “Birrificio Magis” there is an area used for retail outlet and tasting, from which it is possible to see the entire production chain.

The Brewmaster and founder of this project, Nicolò Maistrello, a young man who decided to bet on this idea, this turning his passion into a job. For years homebrewer, following his father’s hobbyist passion, has decided to deepen his studies in this sector. He enrolled at the” Accademia delle Professioni Dieffe” in Padua where he obtained the certificate of “Birraio Artigiano”.

From there he began his adventure in the world of microbreweries, which led him to the creation of the Birrificio Magis


Discover the production process.

Our beer is produced using the most traditional method, in fact, once the barley malt is ground, it is mixed with lukewarm water and then brought to higher controlled temperatures. In this way the enzymes present in the malt are used to transform the starch into simple sugars, which can then be used by the yeast for fermentation. This phase is called mashing.

Once the must is obtained, the liquid part is separated from the solid part and the must is cooked, this is in fact brought to boil, the boiling phase which serves to sterilize and concentrate the sugary portion thanks to a partial evaporation of the liquid part of the must. The duration of boiling depending on the style of beer, our beers varies from hour to hour and a half. During the boiling phase the hops are added which gives the beer its bitter and aromatic component.

When this phase is completed the must is cooled to the temperature suitable for the yeast inoculum, the must is then transferred to the fermenter and the yeast is added. Then begins the fermentation phase followed by maturation phase at temperatures between 0 and 4 ° C until we get our beer.

Once the final product is obtained the packaging phase begins which involves bottling in 33cl and 50cl bottles or in 24litre drums ready to be tapped.